Friday, January 25, 2013

For Pita Aficionados and Feta Lovers

The NYPL celebrates the history of NYC lunches with their exhibit Lunch Hour NYC. In front of the building, we're offering up some modern lunch history by bringing exciting lunch options to the Fifth Avenue Terrace. Isabelle has graciously agreed to eat her way through the Food Trucks on Fifth. Over the next month, she'll give you a full picture of the array of cuisines in store at the rotating truck schedule.

Souvlaki is to Greece, what the Croque Monsieur  is to France: a yummy, sandwich-like lunch item, made out of simple ingredients that you can find on every street corner. In NYC you can enjoy the pita wrap and other Mediterranean specialties at the Souvlaki GR food truck, located in front of the New York Public Library every Friday from 11am to 3pm.

What could be better on a freezing NYC winter day than a delicious lunch with flavors that remind us of toasty and sunny Mediterranean beaches? If you are looking for such an experience, try out one of the delicious pita sandwiches that Souvlaki GR has to offer. Our favorite is their special Bifteki Pita, made out of a Greek beef hamburger, tomatoes, onions and of course tzatziki  (a yogurt based sauce with lemon, garlic and cucumbers), that is served in a freshly baked pita bread. You can also get it with chicken, pork or as a vegetarian option.

In case you are looking for a lighter option, go with the Greek salad. Souvlaki convinced us with their chunky tomato-cucumber mix, topped with incredibly tasty feta cheese and gigantic olives. The cheese, usually made out of sheep and/or goats' milk, is not served in big pieces, but is delicately sprinkled over the veggies, which makes its presence enjoyable and not overwhelming.

For cheese lovers, you must order the Greek fries. Souvlaki GR's version is hand-cut and mixed with a delicious spice and herb rub. The menu says that they are sprinkled with feta cheese but let’s be honest, they are bathing in it, and that’s what makes them so fantastic! They are definitely the highlight of Souvlaki food truck – so don’t miss out on them!

Food Trucks on Fifth Schedule
Weekdays, 11am-3pm

Monday: Mexicue
Tuesday: Milk Truck

Wednesday: Nuchas

Thursday: Chinese Mirch

Friday: Souvlaki GR

By Isabelle Steichen

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