Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Season Kick-off at Citi Pond

Amanda attended the season kick-off event for our festive winter amenities. She sampled food at Celsius, marveled at the Holiday Shop windows, and went for a spin on the ice at Citi Pond. Get a taste of what's in store this winter at Bryant Park with her review. 

Last week, our friends at Citi Pond hosted a Season Preview Event, granting bloggers, and event planners an exclusive peek at Bryant Park’s winter offerings. Citi Pond, The Holiday Shops, and Celsius Restaurant did not disappoint.

Guests chatted (and tweeted) comfortably in the event’s Social Media Lounge, posed for snapshots in an interactive photo booth, and sampled hors d’eouvres prepared by Celsius. My favorite was the pumpkin soup shooter, but beef kabobs served with poppy seed marinade came in at a close second.

While a number of guests toured the Holiday Shops, I took advantage of a much anticipated ice skating adventure. Those roller skating lessons my mom generously paid for in middle school must have paid off, because not only did I not fall, I also succeed in impressing my boyfriend with mad skate skills.

The glowing lights of Celsius and the circling smiles of happy skaters set the perfect tone for the night. Thank you, Citi Pond, for a wonderful evening – one of many to come at Bryant Park this winter season. And congrats to the lucky Bryant Park Facebook winner Jan-Jan Haynes who will take home this event’s killer gift bag.

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