Tuesday, November 6, 2012

'wichcraft Hot Chocolate Now in Four Flavors

Get in line! After a summer of scooping ice cream, the 'wichcraft kiosk has flipped for the season, and now hot chocolate is all we can think about. The Hot Chocolate Kiosk is back with some surprising hot chocolate flavors and sweet snacks that make for a perfect afternoon pick-me up or winter warmer while out on a cold day. Try the four delicious hot chocolate flavors, or grab a treat like a mini pie, peanut brittle, 'wichcraft's own granola, or their signature cream'wiches.

Hot Chocolate Flavors:
Classic: 64% semisweet chocolate 
Malt: 38% milk chocolate & malt 
Spiced: 72% dark chocolate & mexican chilies 
Orange: 64% semisweet chocolate & orange marmalade

'wichcraft hot chocolate
Daily,  12pm - 8pm

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