Friday, November 2, 2012

The Holiday Shops are Back in Business

We're slowly resuming normal November operations here in the park. Though power has not yet been fully restored, many of the Holiday Shops were able to reopen today, and many more are working towards it. If you are able to visit the park today, you'll find almost 60 shops open, including a couple of food options - sweet treat favorites Raaka Chocolate and Dough. Just remember to bring cash. Without power, the shops may not be able to accept credit or debit cards.

For everyone's safety, the park will stay open 8am-5pm until power and lighting is restored to the park. That means the Holiday Shops will keep shorter hours as well. Open 11am-5pm today, and 10am-5pm over the weekend.

Citi Pond remains closed. Without electrical service, we are unable to power the ice rink's chillers, which make ice and keep it cold for comfortable and safe skating. We will continue to update you over the weekend on Twitter and Facebook, as progress is made.

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