Monday, November 19, 2012

Shop the Season: Dough

Enchanted by the delectable treats at Dough in The Holiday Shops, Guest Blogger Jerome writes an ode to donuts. 

Donuts bring a smile to my lips. They just do. I love Danishes, and the subtle complexity of a good croissant, but the immediate and intense satisfaction of the first bite into a good donut… Well that is pure happiness. It seems a lot of happiness will be in store this season as Bryant Park welcomes its first donut vendor, and what a vendor it is: Dough, of Brooklyn and Smorgasburg fame. What can I say about their donuts? They are, quite simply, stupendous. The dough is soft and light, with just enough chewiness to satisfy the teeth. The flavors are bold, lasting, and explode through your mouth as you make your way through their little cakes of wonder.

The donuts come in many flavors, and as many tantalizing colors. $3 will buy you a piece of heaven with a taste of (simple) sugar glaze, cinnamon sugar, chocolate raspberry, pumpkin –probably a seasonal, get it while it lasts- cheesecake, hibiscus, chocolate with cocoa nibs, café au lait, dulce de leche, passion fruit with cocoa nibs… and some others.

While I am not sure a dozen donuts are an ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree, I believe that these are the perfect post skating snack if you have just gone for a few turns and twists at Citi Pond. No doubt they would also be welcome by your fellow office workers if you brought them along to inject some life into your weekly sales meeting. One of those hibiscus beauties would certainly convince me to get to my objectives faster.

To better enjoy the donuts, Dough sells terrific teas, from SerendipiTea. Their flavors are as interesting as those of their main offering, and you can do good pairings. I went for vanilla chocolate to balance my cheesecake donut, it worked out very well. Go, enjoy, and spread the word.

Booth A05 in the 40th Street Allée  (map)

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
Monday – Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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