Thursday, November 1, 2012

Park Reopens Post Hurricane Sandy

After a couple days of clean-up, we are happy to report that the park has reopened as of 1pm this afternoon. We owe a big thank you to our crews who swept and gathered branches, as well as to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and Manhattan Parks Commissioner William Castro for working with us for a timely reopening.

You are welcome to move about the park, and enjoy seating and a bit of fresh air. A few of our amenities are open or close to reopening, though the majority of the park still does not have power. Please take note of our amended hours, and full description of openings and closings.

Updated Park Hours
Thursday: 1pm - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm

Hot beverages are now available from the 'wichcraft coffee kiosk at the corner of 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas, and the park's free public restrooms were able to reopen as they draw power from the 42nd Street side. The ping pong tables are available for use now, and we'll resume regular hours with free equipment on Friday at 11am.

We are unable to open Citi Pond at this time, because we use electricity to make ice and keep it cold for skating. Other dining amenities in the park remain closed and without power, including Celsius, the Bryant Park Grill, the Southwest Porch, and 'wichcraft's sandwich and hot chocolate kiosks. Rides on Le Carrousel will have to wait until power is restored in the park. And we're sorry to say that our wireless network is down in the park as well until power service resumes.

We are hoping to open some of the Holiday Shops soon, and you'll be happy to hear that many vendors are in the park preparing for that possibility. We will let you know more as this develops.

Update Friday November 2, 2012: Many of the Holiday Shops have reopened. Just remember to bring cash, as full power has not yet been restored to the park!

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