Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Regular Amenities, Winter Style

Bryant Park is a year-round New York City attraction with something to do in every season and almost every temperature. That's why, as the weather gets cooler, our amenities get winterized to keep you coming back for all twelve months a year.

Our fall season lasts until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, providing table tennis equipment and an attendant to keep the sign-up sheet moving every day from 11am to 6pm. After we've closed for the season, the tables are still available for the brave winter players, willing to bring their own equipment.

Our enchanting little amusement is open almost 365 days a year, offering rides for just $2 in both cool and warm months, as well as a charming birthday party location. We also have shows for the kids on the weekends, with a magician and our star frog, Flaubert

We've started up the fire pit, and the heaters are on their way. Add a winter cocktail, and you've got plenty of reasons to gather round the fire, under the stars at the Porch this winter's eve. 

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