Monday, October 15, 2012

Pond and Shops Progress

Load-in and construction continues all this week for Citi Pond, The Holiday Shops and Celsius. You can watch as the dasher-boards and chillers are assembled, along with their supporting structures. Over the weekend, many of the Holiday Shops were erected, as well as the support beams for Celsius restaurant. Over the next few days, you can watch the skating pavilion take shape, ceilings and floors come in at Celsius, and finally watch the ice made in the middle of the Pond. You'll know we're almost there when the vendors move into the Shops and start to set-up. Preview some progress photos below, and stay tuned for some exciting vendor previews coming later this week.

The skate deck with Celsius beams in the background

Floors and walls for Shops ready to be assembled on the Fountain Terrace. 

Shops line the allee west of the Southwest Porch

A row of shops leads you from 42nd Street to the Fountain

Now all we need is some merchandise!

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