Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Clean-Up in Progress, Park Closed in Sandy's Aftermath

The park, along with Citi Pond, the Holiday Shops and Celsius, braved the storm fairly well thanks to the dedication of our crews who prepared the park and its amenities for the oncoming rain and winds. With the news of Hurricane Sandy approaching, we took all possible precautions to secure furniture, construction materials, and umbrellas.

In the wake of Sandy, we were relieved to find that the park sustained very little damage. Many leaves fell from the trees, however only a few major branches came down. We lost power in the park, but no one was harmed and all of the kiosks and restaurants are intact. Today, our teams are back hard at work to clear the pathways, as well as make progress towards reopening Citi Pond, Celsius, and The Holiday Shops.

Bryant Park will remain closed for now, along with all other New York City Parks. Without power, we cannot operate the chillers for the ice at the rink, or allow people safely in the park at night. We are making efforts to reopen parts of the park, and will notify the public as soon as this happens. In the meantime, here are some photos of the park during cleanup. We're thankful to say that it will be just as you remembered it, when we can reopen again.

Update Thursday November 1, 2012: The park has reopened.


  1. I am so glad there were no significant damages to the beloved park. Thank you for everything you do and I cannot wait to visit my favorite place again.

  2. Please tell all the Employees, Thank you for working so hard for us who love BP!!! Great job.....UNFORTUNATELY NYC & NJ have alot of work ahead....