Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mr. Bryant Gets a Little Facelift

You may have noticed some hubbub today around the park's cornerstone statue of our namesake William Cullen Bryant.

With the help of the city's Monuments Conservation Program, Mr. Bryant is getting a good scrubbing and restoration. We frequently work with this special team at the Parks Department to help keep our monuments looking their best. Over the next week, the specialized team will power wash the bronze replica of W.C. Bryant, as well as carefully clean and repoint the surrounding marble. It was discovered that water was dripping through some of the open joints, causing stains on the statue's left arm. To combat this, they will also fill and repoint the marble joints to prevent further deterioration and aging, and then top off all of the work with a fresh wax and buff for Mr. Bryant. It's as if the spa came to the statue.

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