Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sheep and Woolen Wonders

The British Wool Council brings the pastoral to the urban this Thursday with Wool Uncovered, a festival celebrating all things woolen. From the source to the products and uses, it will all be on display this Thursday, September 27 in the park. Besides your old wool sweater, you might wonder how this relates to you? Convened and championed by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the Campaign for Wool will give you loads of reasons to love the fuzzy stuff.

Bahhh, Ram, Ewe (Image Source)

The lawn will be turned into a serene sheep pasture (yes, live sheep included!), while the Fountain Terrace becomes a decadent Wool Salon. Imagine the fountain overflowing with wool products, while you lounge about on wool carpets and beds. You'll also have the chance to witness how raw wool is sorted and prepared, as well as visual displays of the woolen wonders, including crafts, knitting and decorations. Come to enjoy the richness of natural wool products and to learn about the benefits of using this age old product.

Wool Uncovered
Thursday, 10am-6pm
September 27
Fountain Terrace and Lawn

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