Thursday, September 27, 2012

News from the MidCity: Old Navy Rocks Bryant Park

Spring Fashion Week 2013 wrapped up in NYC last week, and to put a capper on it all, Old Navy held its own big show at Bryant Park.

Old Navy runway takes the shape of their Rock Star Skinny Jeans.

Old Navy’s Rock Star Fashion Show featured a runway down which female volunteers from the audience pranced clad in the company’s Rock Star skinny jeans. Those volunteers, by the way, took home their jeans.  Jenny McCarthy was there to emcee the proceedings, which culminated with an appearance from that 1990’s boy band sensation the Backstreet Boys, who performed a series of their hits. The proceedings merited this mention in People Magazine’s StyleWatch blog. For closeup photos of Kevin, Nick, A.J., Howie and Brian in the park, check out our Flickr Pool.

Backstreet's Back, Alright

The choice of Bryant Park was a natural for a company unveiling new fashions: you might remember, we were the host for the Spring and Fall fashion shows for 19 years, until we decided the shows had outgrown us. This one was a bit different though. Instead of exclusive tents that kept the public out (and took over the lawn), this one was free and open to all park visitors. That’s more our style. A blog post from Herald Online, a Pennsylvania newspaper, captured the essence of the show with its title: Old Navy Reclaims Fashion Week for the People with All-Inclusive Fashion Show at Bryant Park.

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