Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look to the Sky for the Park's 20th Anniversary

When you're in the park on Monday night to do-si-do and promenade at the inaugural Bryant Park Square Dance, take a moment to look to the sky. The Empire State Building will be lit in green and yellow to mark the 20th Year since the reopening of Bryant Park in 1992.

Why green and yellow you may ask? The green is meant to represent the plantings and living greenery in the park - including the lawn, the ivy, holly bushes and london plane trees. The yellow top of the lighting scheme could invoke flowers, perhaps daffodils for some, or even a sunny day in the park. Or maybe the golden tips on the park's perimeter fence. 

Whatever the significance for you, we urge you to take a moment basking in the safety and beauty of Bryant Park. You're enjoying the direct results of one of the most dramatic public space transformations in the world.

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