Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Glory and Southwest Air Tickets

You came, you saw, and you guessed the gold. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Southwest Porch to watch the Olympics, as well as fill out a Guess the Gold Ballot for the chance to win a pair of tickets on Southwest Airlines. Now that the Games have come to a close, and the Spice Girls have ridden off into the sunset atop their bedazzled taxi cabs, its time to announce the winner of our Guess the Gold competition.

We asked you to predict the winner by country for each Olympic event, as well as the number of gold medals they'd take home in the category. We awarded one point for the correct country, and if you got that correct, an additional point for the correct number of gold medals. At the end of the two Olympic weeks, the  United States took home the most gold medals, a whopping 46. China came in second with 38, and Great Britain used their home team advantage to come in third with 29 gold medals.

Most participants were able to correctly guess that USA would win the most gold medals in the swimming category, however many were surprised by the Chinese men's domination in gymnastics. In the end, our winner got 41 out of 64 possible points. Congratulations to Erin, and a big thank you to Southwest Airlines!

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