Thursday, August 30, 2012

100 Days in 2012

Today, August 30th marks the 100th day the lawn has been open this season. We're well ahead of last year, when we hit the 100th day in late September.

Did you know we keep track of the number of days the lawn is open each year? We know how important that grassy patch is to New Yorkers in need of a backyard. Sometimes we close the lawn to let it rest between heavy use events like the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, or to water it on especially hot days. This rest helps the blades recover and stay green and healthy for a majority of the season. While rest and water are important, we also try to keep the lawn open a maximum number of days for park user's enjoyment. It's a balancing act to say the least!

Be sure to enjoy the lawn over the next few weeks... fall is just around the corner, and the end of the season will be here before you know it.

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