Friday, July 27, 2012

Painter in Residence: Andrea Arroyo

We're giving you a sneak peek of Andrea Arroyo, our second Painter-in-Residence, who is completing her term this week. Working primarily in watercolor and acrylics, Arroyo describes her work as representative of nature, the urban environment, and community. Here you see her sketching the Carousel in pencil before beginning to work on the painted piece. (Click photos to enlarge.) Her production comes in steps, which is just as interesting to watch, however quite different from Walter Lynn Mosley, who worked in the park during the first time frame. 

Two painters remain in our program this summer. Plan to find them in the park in the coming weeks.

July 30 – August 10:  Patti Mollica
August 13 – August 24:  Yuka Imata

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