Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breakfast Briefings with Rent the Runway

Envy those celebrities strutting down the red carpet in designer wares and expensive jewelry? It's easy for famous people to gain access to the big fashion houses, but it hasn't always been so easy for the rest of us. That was until Rent the Runway came along. They've revolutionized outfitting yourself for parties and events (even if they aren't the Oscars), by giving the public access to designer dresses with their simple and affordable online rental system.

We'll get the inside scoop into this clever business model at the next Breakfast Briefing at the Southwest Porch with founding member and Vice President of Marketing Lara CrystalRegister now for the event on Tuesday, July 31 at 8:30am. Breakfast will be provided by 'wichcraft, and discussion will be moderated by Andrew Simon of Fast Company

Come early next Tuesday. Rent the Runway will be giving out a few gift cards for their site to several very lucky attendees in the park. Interested in more Breakfast Briefings? See the full schedule of events, made possible by Southwest Airlines.

Breakfast Briefing with Lara Crystal, 
VP of Marketing for Rent the Runway
Tuesday, 8:30am - 9:30am
July 31
Southwest Porch

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