Thursday, June 7, 2012

Towers of Flowers

These pink, green and white towers of flowers are perhaps our most dramatic horticultural detail. The towers give off the impression that they are made up of dense masses of flowering bushes, adding color and richness to the park pathways at a multitude of heights.

Here's the secret. The towers are actually formed by a series of stacked, circular reservoirs made of steel. They are commonly known as Garsy Planters, which  our Director of Horticulture Maureen Hackett fills with a mixture of white begonias, pink begonias and ivy.

The care and maintenance of these units takes some major planning from year to year. Our grower picks up the containers every fall, and stores them in a greenhouse in Long Island for the winter. Around February, the garsy units are refilled and nourished until they are lush and healthy. They are then returned to the park each year in late Spring for the peak summer season.

We hope you enjoy them for the next few months!

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