Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Busy Tuesdays in the Park

Tuesdays have become a whirlwind day in Bryant Park. We start the mornings with Tai Chi on the Fountain Terrace and Yoga on the Upper Terrace...


...and then move into our lunchtime activities. The exotic creatures of Arcadia Bird Sanctuary visit Le Carrousel for a friendly meeting, while the fencers practice on the Library Terrace facing 5th Avenue.

We have two music performances that take place on Tuesdays at lunch. Piano concerts on the Upper Terrace, and musette-style accordion music at the 40th Street Plaza.

The activities persist, even as evening sets with free Juggling lessons in the 40th Street Plaza and Word for Word Poetry in the Reading Room. 

All of that... and we still haven't mentioned our daily amenities like the Games Area, Le Carrousel, The Tables, P├ętanque, and Chess. Drop by any Tuesday for a full day of free activities in the park. 

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