Thursday, May 17, 2012

WiFi 10th Anniversary

The Bryant Park Wireless Network first launched on June 24, 2002.  Over the last ten years, we’ve had over 800,000 users access our free, public network.  A staggering number in and of itself, but even more amazing when you learn that approximately 30% of that number was in the last year alone.

As technology has advanced, we've noticed a distinct shift in the type of users on our network. Originally, we only saw people out in the park with laptops. Now, over 75% of the users are on mobile devices such as iPhones, tablets, and other smart phones.

All of this is good news for us. These devices are more portable and have better battery life than laptops, so it's easier to spend longer amounts of time in the park multi-tasking. Couple this better technology with our 42 new electrical outlets in the park, and there's never been a better reason to ditch the fluorescent lighting and turn Bryant Park into your office oasis. 

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