Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Recycling

Our very talented horticulture crew works hard to keep our gardens lush and beautiful throughout the year. In an effort to create seasonal interest and vibrancy, we rotate our annual plants with each changing season. As the weather turns warm, we are changing out our spring bulbs, and before they are discarded, we thought we'd try something new.

We've bagged the discarded flower bulbs and put them in the 40th Street allee directly north of our Park Operations office (The parkhouse is across from the Bryant Park Hotel). We invite the public to help themselves to free spring bulbs, while supplies last. We have a mix of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils up for grabs. Please remember this is for a limited time only, and bring your own gloves and bag to handle. We ask you keep the park tidy when you come to pick up.**

Planting Tips
Our Director of Horticulture Maureen Hackett recommends drying out the bulbs first, and either planting now in the ground, or storing in a cool, dry place until the fall. Be sure to store them in paper (not plastic!) in a moisture-free space, so they don't mold. If you're planning to plant them in pots or small containers, you can store them until early spring, place them in the refrigerator for about six weeks to cool them, and then plant in March for lovely spring blooms. Maureen says it's a bit of work to do correctly, so be warned!

We're also recycling flower bulbs at Herald Square with the 34th Street Partnership. Same rules apply!**

**Update May 7, 2012:
The bulbs at Bryant Park have been moved to the Fountain Terrace, and will be available until 7pm today. The bulbs at Herald Square have been depleted, but more bulbs are now available at Greeley Square through the end of the week.

**Update May 9, 2012:
All bulbs are gone from all locations.

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