Friday, May 18, 2012

Seamless at Breakfast Briefings

If you're interested in business, technology or food, you won't want to miss our first Breakfast Briefing of the year on Tuesday at the Southwest Porch. Lizzy Klein, the Vice-President of Product Seamless, will join Neil Janowitz, Senior Editor of Fast Company, for a look at Seamless' ever-burgeoning online food ordering empire.

Since its inception in 1999, Seamless has pushed food service into the future, by easing the pains of ordering delivery and take-out from over 7500 of your favorite restaurants in New York, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, to name just a few markets.

If you haven't tried Seamless, it's a revolution you must behold. Their streamlined service helps users quickly determine what delivery options are available in a given area, provides menus, and eliminates the need for individuals to pick-up the phone and worry over pronouncing your favorite specialty food orders. The service is equally friendly to restaurants. Businesses don't have to develop their own software to join the digital age. Seamless gives restaurant owners the tools and software to manage incoming orders and make deliveries in good time.

As always, our Breakfast Briefings are expertly moderated by editors from Fast Company, and breakfast will be provided from 'wichcraft. Register now for the discussion with Lizzy Klein on Tuesday, May 22, or check out the upcoming dates for the rest of the series, made possible by Southwest Airlines.

Breakfast Briefing with Lizzy Klein, VP of Product Seamless*
Tuesday, 8:30am - 9:30am
May 22
Southwest Porch

*Update: This session has been postponed to June 26.

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