Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Employee of the Month

We keep the park in excellent condition thanks to the hard work of many people. Our staff represents expertise in horticulture, sanitation, industrial design, security... the list really goes on and on. Each month, we single out an individual for superior performance on our sanitation team.

Richie Zinnermon was elected April's employee of the month for the second time. He's reliable, sets a good example for others on the crew, and frequently goes above and beyond what is required of him. What's even more incredible about Mr. Zinnermon is that he's been working for Bryant Park for over 22 years! He says the biggest change from then to now has been in the uniforms. The park staff used to wear white pants with simple green shirts.

Our new uniforms were reinvented in 2006 by Stan Herman, who also designed uniforms for FedEx and Jet Blue. We now sell the Bryant Park Vest and Jacket on the Bryant Park Shop. Did you know the design of the Bryant Park uniforms was inspired by the variegated colors in the bark of the London plane trees in the park?

You'll usually find Mr. Zinnermon on his route along the 42nd Street Allee. Say congratulations if you see him! 

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