Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Composition of a Planter

Ever wonder about the lush cornucopia of plants and flowers that make up our verdant planters? Here our Director of Horticulture, Maureen Hackett, breaks down the composition of one of our sunny planters.

  • Ipomoea margarita:  lime green on the left side, also known as sweet potato vine
  • Algerian ivy:  green leaves tinged with white trailing down the left side of the planter
  • Salvia farinacea:  violet-blue flowers protruding at the top
  • Geranium Ivy 'Balcon Princess':  pale pink petals throughout
  • Coleus 'Red Carpet':  deep red throughout
  • Coleus 'Alabama Sunset':  red and yellow tones (not pictured)
  • Blue petunia:  for color (not pictured)
Now you can try this at home. The difference between a lackluster home garden and an impressive park garden tends to be the scale. Try massing the plants together to provide drama, while mixing in a variety of color for added interest. Good luck!

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