Monday, May 7, 2012

20 Years of Bryant Park, The Exhibit

The last twenty years have marked a dramatic change in the condition and perception of Bryant Park. In the late 1980's the park was dangerous, rundown and under used. Today it is home to lush gardens, a carousel, a world class restaurant, as well as hundreds of events and programs. As we celebrate the transformation of the park from neglected to beloved, we're looking back on the park's history through photos, stories, and more. You may have been following our 20th Anniversary series on the blog, and now many of these elements come to life in a custom photo exhibit on the park's perimeter fence.

You'll see images from the park's storied past as the home of the Crystal Palace, pictures from the dark times, from our blockbuster events today, and then images that transcend generations like the simple act of enjoying your lunch break in the park's shady allees.

20 Years of Bryant Park will be on display around the park's fence through June 29. It can also be viewed virtually on Flickr at

Share your Bryant Park.
In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we’re collecting your favorite images, stories and memories from your experiences in the park. We want to know if you were there in 1983... or even 1934.

Tell us your interactions with the park from then and now.
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