Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Lost and Found Success Story

Our security team's primary responsibility is to maintain safety and order in the park. However, crime and misbehavior are so low that they often have time to serve as ambassadors, providing information or directions, and preventing theft by keeping an eye on the possessions of our park patrons. Bryant Park security officers take great pride in their ability to spot items people inadvertently leave behind during park visits, and to return these items safely to their owners. We are lucky to receive a few letters like this each year:

"I left a messenger bag in the park after my lunch break today, and I had a fantastic experience with your lost & found operation. The bag was very quickly picked up by one of your security officers, Moses, who found my phone inside and called a couple of contacts so they'd tell me to retrieve it. So I learned it was missing well before I would have figured it out on my own. I called the park office & was very efficiently told how to go retrieve it. When I got back to the park, Moses knew who I was before I introduced myself, and very pleasantly took me to retrieve the bag.
I'm amazed at how easy this was, and how excellent the whole experience was. So, thank you for running such an efficient operation, and thank you to security officer Moses for going above & beyond with his careful, professional, friendly work in helping me out today. Incidentally, I started working on 5th Avenue last year, and I can't imagine midtown without summer lunches in the park and the winter ice skating. So I am a big fan of the park in general."

For more information on park security, read up on the Broken Windows Theory. If you think you lost an item in the park, please call us. We'd be happy to check for it!

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