Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ping Pong Renovations

The Tables at Bryant Park have been a hit ever since they opened in May 2009. The Tables are staffed April - November with a Bryant Park attendant to help arrange games, manage time limits, and facilitate a waiting list. Each day, new people are attracted to the area to try their hand at ping pong, free of charge. While, we've also developed a devoted following of regular players who just can't get enough table tennis! As great as the area works now, we thought there was room for improvement.

Work is underway this week to move the tables farther apart, increase the size of the platforms on which the players stand, and create more access points to the entire area. We hope that this will alleviate crowding, allow for more circulation around the area, and prevent some of the drainage problems in the gravel.

Thank you for your patience while we undergo a little renovation. The area should reopen next week for regular play with your own equipment.

Know anyone who'd make a great ping pong area host? We're hiring for our 2012 attendants now. The fully equipped staff will return on April 2, making it even easier to drop in for a quick match.

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