Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Winning LUV Birds

We teamed up with Southwest Airlines to reunite two geographically challenged LUV couples in honor of Valentine's Day in our Long Distance LUV-ers Contest. We had over 100 worthy pairs enter over the last two weeks. Thank you for sharing your tales of love.

We saw some amazing stories, and LUV birds of all kinds. One girl wanted to reunite with her dog, a few grandmothers wanted to visit their grandchildren, two highschool romances hoped to be rekindled, and several families asked to be reunited with the brave service men and women in their lives. In the end, the voters chose our two lucky couples who will receive one Southwest Airlines ticket per couple. You can read their stories below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa and her New York LUV

I never thought I would do long distance, especially one that started as long distance. I met him, through a friend, two weeks before my summer stay in New York ended. In those two weeks, I asked him to help me complete my NY Bucketlist. We finished all but one: watching a movie at Bryant Park (due to unexpected summer rain). Fast forward 5 months, Southwest offered an amazing $140 roundtrip deal from California to New York. I snagged it quickly excited to finally see him again, but unable to move my midterm date, I had to cancel my tickets. Now we’re at 6 months, with each of us saving enough money to see each other again. Skype, phone calls, and texts can’t replace a real hug or even something simple like sitting on the couch and watching a movie together. Facebookers, can you help me see him again?

Tara and Collin

As a recent college grad and intern at a firm in Omaha, Nebraska, I rarely get to see my New York LUV-er. His name is Collin, and he confessed his undying LUV 3 DAYS BEFORE HE LEFT for grad school IN N.Y.!! Collin and I met @ church camp when we were only sixteen & I had a crush on him right away. Heading to the same college, our friendship continued to flourish. The crazy thing is that Collin and I had our first "real" date in N.Y. - it was at none other than BRYANT PARK that we had our first kiss!! We have pictures of ourselves all over the park, but this one is our favorite! PS. We always fly Southwest... Free Bags! And I don't pack light.

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  1. It was very moving to read about people love one another. Lisa