Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beneath the Lawn: By the Numbers

A look at a cross-section of the area covered by the Bryant Park lawn yields some impressive stats. First, there’s the lawn itself, which at 280 feet x 180 feet (1.1 acres), is the largest greensward in Manhattan, south of Central Park. Just underneath the lawn are over 4,000 linear feet of drainage pipe, and 2,250 linear feet of irrigation pipes. Still further below are the more than 40 miles of bookshelves that comprise the New York Public Library’s ‘stacks.’

This is an excerpt from Bryant Park's weekly newsletter, MidCity Newswritten by Terry Benoit. MidCity News keeps park enthusiasts informed about our events, milestones, operations, and all of the detailed maintenance work that goes into caring for the park. Weekly updates are sent with our sister organizations 34th Street Partnership and Chelsea Improvement Company

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