Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year in Bryant Park

You’ve celebrated and indulged.  You’ve welcomed in the new year. And perhaps you made some resolutions. We're betting that you can check off some of those 2012 goals in Bryant Park.

Stay Hydrated.  Drinking more water is easier with a stylish bottle.  Vote here for your favorite water bottle design, the newest custom item coming to the online Bryant Park Shop.

Exercise.  Gliding across the calm, post-holiday ice at Citi Pond can burn 414 calories per hour.

Catch Up.   Too busy during the holidays? Catch up with long lost friends and family with a rinkside gathering at Celsius.

Learn.  Skating newbie? Try a lesson at Citi Pond.

Read a Book.  Take a virtual visit to the Bryant Park Library at the online Shop.  Check out the books that have inspired the park's renovation and continued success.

Eat Healthier.  Cooking demos and classes, tastings, and food activities will get families on the fast track to healthy living at the Kids Food Festival.

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