Monday, November 14, 2011

Dylan's Candy Bar Pop-Up

You may have seen that something sweet is coming to the corner of 42nd Street and 6th Avenue, just across the street from Bryant Park. Last Friday, we got a sneak peek inside the Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Pop-Up Shop, as the team was in the midst of stocking shelves with sweets and erecting candy displays. We saw an unbelievable variety of candy in all shapes and sizes... and they had only stocked a third of the shelves! Click through the images below to start dreaming of what's in store at their Bryant Park Pop-Up. Movie and character themed treats for the kids, gift sets, throwback sweets, Wii candy dispensers, marshmallow shooters, and even indulgent options for those watching their waistlines.

Don't miss their non-edible selections like candy coated pajama sets, and the adorable Dylan's Candy Bar Maclaren Buggy.

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PEZ dispensers and Star Wars themed candy
Dylan's classics, cookies'n'cream popcorn, sour candies, and Wii Klik-on candy dispenser
Astronaut ice cream, cotton candy, buttons and necklaces, candy themed PJs, retro candy capsules
Marshmallow Shooter, Plush Puffs, Skinny Cow treats, and pre-packaged gift tins
Personalized mints and Smurfs galore

This delicious work in progress wraps up over the next week, and opens to the public on Monday, November 21. We can't wait to see the life-sized gingerbread house and candy filled Christmas tree. The pop-up shop location will remain open for seven weeks, so drop by their midtown location for treats, candy and toys for all of your holiday occasions.

Dylan's Candy Bar
1095 Sixth Avenue at 42nd Street

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