Thursday, August 4, 2011

Behind the Fence: Camouflage and Excavation

Our Capital Projects team and construction crews have been hard at work this summer building a new underground electric facility in the park, and rewiring the park's lighting and electrical grid. Since this work must be done in the warmer months when the ground is soft, we've tried to disrupt the peak park season as little as possible. The majority of work has taken place behind the construction fence on the south side of the park, cleverly disguised with children's graphics to match Le Carrousel and a bit of trompe l'oeil.

A crane peeks over the top of our camouflaged construction site.

Park visitors, strolling the park, are meant to view scenes that the construction wall obstructs.

Children in the Carousel area can bring the animals to life with chalk friendly sections.

And curious young minds can get a glimpse of the construction work through pint sized peep holes.

Now we take you behind the construction fence, where our crews have almost finished excavating the construction site, shoring the walls, and laying concrete for the foundations of the power room.

On August 2nd, we reached the bottom. Here is a view looking up. 

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