Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bryant Park Knits Returns with Knitty City

If you're not at Bryant Park, knitting lessons usually come at a high premium. Our free beginner classes return on June 21st with a new partner, Knitty City.

Not sure what type of needle or yarn to use? No problem! Knitty City will provide supplies to all participants. This lesson is perfect for beginners, but more advanced knitters are also welcome to attend. We just ask that you register in advance by calling Knitty City at (212) 787-5896.

Not only can you learn to knit for free this summer, but you can also give back by attending Bryant Park Knits. Each week Knitty City will collect the practice squares created by participants. At the end of the season, pros from Knitty City will sew these together to form blankets, which will be donated to the Kateri Residence, a nursing and rehabilitation center in Manhattan.

Knitting in the Round Project, Dapper Square Amsterdam

As a preview to Bryant Park Knits, the park will celebrate World Wide Knitting in Public Day this Saturday with a giant public knitting circle on the Upper Terrace. Creators Nell Berger and Jean Hilkens are interested in what happens when a solitary activity like knitting is done as a group. They think of the Knitting in the Round Project, which originated in Amsterdam, as a living installation piece, driven by the participants, as they knit together. 

When you're not knitting at Bryant Park, be sure to stop by Knitty City's wonderful little shop on the Upper West Side. As the The New York Times attests, Knitty City is more than just a knitting supplier. It's a store that creates a community.

Bryant Park Knits
Tuesdays, 1:30pm – 3:00pm 
June 21 – August 30
Upper Terrace, across from the Bryant Park Grill
Call 212-989-3030 to pre-register 

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