Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bryant Park Derby

Le Carrousel at Bryant Park comes to life in Improv Everywhere's latest mission, the Carousel Horse Race, as a Derby is staged in the park's carousel area complete with announcers, fans, and a jockey.

We love the unexpected excitement that the Improv Everywhere agents bring to the park with their creative pranks. You may have seen traces of them here before... a wolf on the lawn, an epic toilet paper party, or the worst ice skater ever.

If you missed the Derby, consider some of our scheduled fun at Le Carrousel. Visit on the weekends for kids events, plan a Le Carrousel birthday party, or stop by any day of the year, choose an animal (Derby winner Carrots on the Brain, or perennial favorite Granny's Folly perhaps) and go for a ride. It's only $2.

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