Monday, April 18, 2011

Southwest Porch Getting a Facelift

Southwest Porch upgrade in progress: April 11, 2011

Sure, it looked fabulous on TV this weekend, but we want to make the Southwest Porch experience even better for the 2011 season.

Bryant Park Corporation's Capital Projects and Design Departments are leading the charge on improving the structure and look of the Porch. The project, which began at the beginning of the month, includes
  • refurbishing the Porch deck;
  • renovating the entire interior and exterior of the 'wichcraft kiosk;
  • upgrading the area's tech capabilities to enhance daily use and special events (including adding more outlets so you can charge all your gadgets while relaxing at the Porch);
  • replacing the original Porch tables, Adirondack chairs, rocking chairs, stools, swings, and umbrellas with pieces that will stand up better to outdoor conditions;
  • and creating new Porch branding with our wonderful partner, Southwest Airlines

Our first priority is re-opening the Porch for public use and moving 'wichcraft back into the kiosk so they can begin serving delicious snacks and beverages from the new spring menu (until then you can still get your 'wichcraft fix at their other kiosks in the park). You should be able to enjoy the Porch by the end of the month, when the construction portion of the project is scheduled for completion.

Design changes will be rolled out in stages as the season progresses. The new furniture (stage one) has already been placed on the deck after its public debut on the Upper Terrace last week. The furniture arrived while the Porch deck was in mid-repair so we figured, why not let park visitors try it out in another area of the park first? Comfy cushions and bright umbrellas are on the way.

New Porch furniture staged on Upper Terrace (park visitors took to it right away!): April 11, 2011

Original Porch furniture: Summer 2010

New furniture at the Porch (colorful cushions are on the way): April 18, 2011

Scott Giles, Bryant Park Corporation's electrician, working on Porch power connections: April 18, 2011

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