Friday, April 8, 2011

The Evolution of Bryant Park's Training Camp

What was Training Camp is now TC Supply

There's a new Training Camp in town, and it's a beautiful thing. Training Camp was always one of Bryant Park's coolest retailers, featuring hip sneakers and shoes. Now, after its makeover and re-opening about three weeks ago, it's cool in a whole new way. The store has grown away from its urban sneaker vibe to a quality, well-made and homegrown vibe. But think stylish homegrown. On a recent visit a friend immediately snatched up the Nathaniel Jump Boot by Vintage, right. And if you're in need of a rainboot, guys, look for the tall, light green lace-up. 
There's boots, chukkas, and shoes for men, many of which are by Gorilla and made in the U.S. TC Supply also carries clothing, and shoes for women (left). They also sell Baxter, a men's skincare and shaving line born and bred in the U.S. Seeing a common theme, here? TC Supply stocks a lot of American and Made in the U.S. brands. The sewing machine tableau in the back helps bring that theme home, and the gorgeous boots make it really easy to get on board.

Training Camp, now TC Supply, 1079 Sixth Avenue at 41st Street

Tricia Lewis of Fashion Herald is today's Bryant Park Shopper.

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