Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pond Load Out Complete

By Monday, March 7, you could hardly tell there was a fully operational ice rink in the park no more than a week before. Only materials from Celsius and various equipment remained in the lawn area.

Day 8 of Pond load out: March 7, 2011
Soil preparations begin: March 9, 2011

Now, the lawn and gravel areas are completely clear and the soil is ready to be prepped for this year's lawn installation. The process will take approximately four weeks, as crews remove and replace a layer of soil, 20 inches deep, over the entire lawn area.

They will also make improvements to the lawn's drainage system and install conduits across the lawn (below ground) in preparation for a new power distribution system we are installing in the park for use by the ice rink and other major events.

We hope that the irrigation plan, combined with the new soil and *fingers crossed* a summer of ideal weather conditions, will give us our best and most durable lawn yet.

Below, you'll find another shot of the lawn area, from the ground, and a welcome sign of spring -- green sprouts of daffodils popping up in the ivy beds and gardens throughout the park!

Lawn: March 9, 2011

42nd Street Allee: March 9, 2011

Northeast corner of the park: March 9, 2011

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