Monday, March 28, 2011

Bryant Park in Our Own Words

Broadcastr screenshot

We've written about our participation on Broadcastr, a new site for location-based audio, and recently added a slew of insider stories about the park. See all those blue tags on the Bryant Park map up there? Each one is an audio file that gives you a behind the scenes story of the park, or an audio clip taken on location beneath the London Planes.

Bryant Park Corporation's staff members have a wealth of knowledge about the history and hidden details of the space -- it would be a shame to keep all those stories inside the walls of our office! In some of our newest audio additions...

...Bryant Park's Vice President of Business Services, Jerome Barth, explains why more chairs don't get stolen from the park...and how many actually do (Don't Steal the Chairs!)...

...Anne Kumer, the park's Archivist and writer of the blog series From the Archive, recounts the park's history as a potter's field (Bryant Park as a Burial Ground)...

...and Don Bussolini, the longest standing member of our Capital Projects Department, reveals what you probably never knew you were sitting on top of while taking a long lunch on the grass (Under the Lawn).

Tip: if you have trouble accessing our stories from the links above, take a few seconds to create a free account and try the links again. Once you have an account you'll also be able to rate your favorite audio clips and record your own stories.

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