Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Shops Season Extension

After another busy holiday season of gift buying and gift giving, why not take some time to treat yourself? One way to do it: take a spin around the The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park and this time, pick up a few gifts for yourself or indulge in some sweet treats and snacks.

This year, in a special extended season of The Holiday Shops, 19 vendors will remain open for business through January 16.

All vendors are located on the Upper Terrace (map), but as noted below, some occupants have changed since the regular season.
  • I01  Carter & Cavero Old World Olive Oil Company
  • I02  Max Brenner 
  • I03  Big Apple Cider
  • I04  Dumpling Soup House 
  • I05  Sophie's 
  • J01  Sabon 
  • J02  Arm Candy by Nahui Ollin 
  • J03  Mladen’s Silver Jewelry (previous occupant: Momo Glassworks)
  • J04  Northern Tribe NY (previous occupant: Kizmet Yogawear)
  • J05  Little Village Crafts  
  • J06  The Walking Art (previous occupant: Seasonal Illuminations)
  • J07  Wonder Warmers 
  • J08  Lucid New York 
  • J09  G & N NY
  • J10  Cala Design 
  • J11  Studio Manhattan Art + Design 
  • J12  Dynomighty 
  • J13  Spinners 
  • L13  Wild Kingdom
If you're new to The Shops, check out our past posts on Carter & Cavero, Sophie's, Sabon, Dynomighty, and Wild Kingdom. Happy shopping!

Updated 1/7/11: Sophie's, booth I05, is now closed.


  1. Oh how I have so many pretty memories from Bryant Park :)

  2. That's so nice to hear! If you have any pretty photos from your time in the park, feel free to share them with us in the Bryant Park group on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/groups/bryantparknyc