Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lionel Train Pop-Up

Today Tricia from Fashion Herald visits the Lionel Pop-Up and is hypnotized by trains.

Conductor Teddy bears!
There is something very mesmerizing about watching a Lionel train go round and round its track. Today, at the Lionel pop-up located right across from Bryant Park at 41st & 6th, I found myself standing in front of a big video screen, staring at intricate Lionel train set-ups. I then got stuck at the Thomas the Train real-life tableau, mesmerized as Thomas circled a mountain. Luckily my office is right across the street. Next time I need a break I'm going train staring.

Harry Potter and Polar Express sets are $329.99


I'm thinking this is the Big Kahuna of train sets
Lionel Art boxcars, 2 pack for $115.99

Luckily no live trains on this one so I didn't take a 2 hour lunch
Christmas-themed trains+accessories

I'll shop as well as train-gaze, because nothing is more holiday than a train set under the Christmas tree. Not only do kids love it, but so will your cats (I know this from experience).

And adults? Well, I suspect all of the men in the Lionel pop-up today weren't there shopping just for their kids. Surely they were checking out the "Rolling Stock," "Tracks," and "Accessories" sections to beef up their old sets with new cars, little houses, covered bridges, and maybe even a new high-powered transformer to make those cars go around and around, really, really fast.

Happy Holiday Lionel train shopping!

Lionel Holiday Pop-Up
1095 Avenue of the Americas at 41st Street,  (212) 391-3170 

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