Friday, December 17, 2010

It's T-Shirt Time

You chose them, and now you can buy them!

In August we asked you to vote for your favorite Bryant Park T-Shirt designs from nine prototypes created by our own Graphic Designer, Jamie Song. Over the past few months, the top three designs have been developed and are finally available for pre-order from the Bryant Park Shop

 The Pair of Chairs T-Shirt. Visit the Bryant Park Shop to see all three designs

Our full inventory will be ready to ship on Thursday, December 23, but we wanted our dear blog readers to be the first to know that you can pre-order the t-shirts. They are made of super soft cotton from American Apparel and come in Men's/Unisex and Women's small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.

We have a limited supply of these first edition Bryant Park T-Shirts, so pre-order now to make sure you get the style and size you want!

Don't forget, all income from the Bryant Park Shop is put right back into the maintenance of the park. Special thanks to our t-shirt models, Matt (BPC Capital Projects) and Nell (BPC Events).

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