Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Silver Spark-Worthy

What do braille staplers, the Model S Tesla, a James Perse Retail Store and Bryant Park's custom litter receptacles all have in common?

A 2010 Spark Award. Designed by Ignacio Ciocchini, Bryant Park Corporation's own Director of Design, our litter receptacles just won a Silver Spark Award. Congratulations to Ignacio and to all our voters who helped him choose which receptacle they preferred for Bryant Park. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for your impeccable taste. 

In honor of the occasion, we asked Ignacio to tell us a bit about his award-winning receptacles and his inspiration and intentions for the designs.
IC: The design of the Bryant Park litter receptacle was inspired by plants, flowers and nature in general. The nature-inspired design acts as a visual reminder to people that diligent garbage disposal and recycling have a direct and positive impact on our environment. Because of this, the product becomes an accent in the park environment rather than a piece of furniture painted with a dark color and hidden in a corner.
On the paper recycling units
IC: Linear detailing, it relates to the shape of the opening for newspapers and magazines, with a lime green color coating is used for paper recycling units. 

On the units for bottles and cans
IC: The organic detailing, it relates to the shape of the opening for bottles and cans, with a blue color coating is used for the plastic and metals recycling units.

And if you're in the market for a good looking receptacle
IC: This line of litter receptacles was designed for Bryant Park, but the units are also commercial products that are for sale to be used in other urban areas or parks. The molds for the branded petals have loose parts that allow for the customization of the branded petals and can include other park names or logos.

Go here to learn more about the Spark Awards

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