Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ready or Not, It's Holiday Window Season!


You'll see them at almost all the big department stores now, but did you know that Lord & Taylor was the first retailer to show off animated holiday windows?

Since the store is just around the corner from the park (on Fifth Avenue between 38th and 39th Street), I stopped by the annual Christmas Window Unveiling on Monday evening to get a firsthand look at the windows. You may think it's a little early for holiday windows, but the crowds suggested otherwise.

This year's displays were inspired by real people who submitted their favorite family holiday stories and traditions to Lord & Taylor. 12 stories were chosen and incorporated into the windows.

Each display has a number of changing scenes (true to form for the pioneer store of animated windows!) so you can't help but take a few minutes to watch the revolving walls, doors that open and close, and windows that light up to reveal more action inside.

A scene in transition
It's so close to the park, that Lord & Taylor's windows are worth a visit on your way to or from a day of skating on The Pond or browsing at The Holiday Shops.

Of course, the photos don't do these them justice, so check them out now and avoid the mega-crowds closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  1. The Lord & Taylor windows are always one of my favorites every holiday season!