Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enter the Bryant Park Holiday Photo Contest on Flickr

Photography buffs take note: we're on the hunt for an idyllic winter photograph of Bryant Park for our company holiday cards, and want to give you prime photo space on our homepage in return!

So, have you taken a picture that perfectly captures the winter season in Bryant Park?

If you're sitting there nodding, head on over to the Bryant Park Holiday Photo Contest on Flickr, upload your photos, and add them to the group. There’s no entry limit, so you can submit as many photos as you’d like.

If you're still racking your brain, trying to mentally flip through your personal photo archive, don't worry. You have until midnight on Sunday, November 28 to enter.

Just remember, to be eligible to win, your photo must be:

- Landscape oriented
- Minimum 1300 x 720 pixels (Ideal aspect ratio is 16:9. Larger photos will be cropped to 16:9 for the Bryant Park website. Check out our current photos at
- A winter or holiday themed photo of Bryant Park

Good luck!

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