Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seven More Chances to Attend Fall Festival

Although foul weather foiled our first night of Fall Festival, there are still more seven days of insider talks and evening performances to attend in the park. 

Fall Festival Refreshments
This year the Bryant Park Grill is offering a selection of beer, wine, and snacks for sale during the Fall Festival performances at a lawn-side bar.

Five Boroughs Music Festival
Songs from critically acclaimed composer Ricky Ian Gordon & more
Fall Festival Performance
  Tonight, 6:00pm, Lawn 

The Metropolitan Opera’s Lindemann Young Artist Development Program
Opera's rising stars perform a selection of favorite arias, songs & duets
Inside Opera 
   Wednesday, September 15, 12:30pm, Fountain Terrace
Fall Festival Performance
   Wednesday, September 15, 6:00pm, Lawn

Jazz at Lincoln Center
An exhilarating gospel ensemble & a captivating jazz & blues quartet
Inside Jazz at Lincoln Center
   Thursday, September 16, 12:30pm, Fountain Terrace
Fall Festival Performance
  Thursday, September 16, 6:00pm, Lawn

Funk/rock group WAR retrospective by Black Rock Coalition Orchestra
Inside BAM
   Friday, September 17, 12:30pm, Fountain Terrace
Fall Festival Perfrmance
   Friday, September 17, 6:00pm, Lawn

Brooklyn Philharmonic
The Sound of Brooklyn: a mix of classical & contemporary works
Inside Brooklyn Philharmonic
   Saturday, September 18, 3:30pm, Lawn
Fall Festival Performance
   Saturday, September 18, 6:00pm, Lawn

Parsons Dance
Remember Me with music & lead vocalists of East Village Opera Company
Inside Parsons Dance
   Sunday, September 19, 3:30pm, Lawn
Fall Festival Performance
   Sunday, September 19, 6:00pm, Lawn

Orchestra of St. Luke’s
Baroque and Romantic chamber music by the Grammy-winning ensemble
Inside Orchestra of St. Luke’s
   Monday, September 20, 12:30pm, Fountain Terrace
Fall Festival Performance
   Monday, September 20, 6:00pm, Lawn

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