Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visit from an Olympian

Last Friday, June 25, Olympic Fencer Tim Morehouse attended the final Bryant Park Fencing lesson of the summer. The class was packed and, as usual, drew the attention of passersby and folks taking a break on the New York Public Library's front steps.

Students suited up in gear provided by the Manhattan Fencing Center, and listened closely as Morehouse offered tips and corrections on technique throughout the lesson. The real treat came after an hour of instruction, when Morehouse presented his Olympic medal to the group and graciously posed for photographs with the students.

He shared some insight into the life of an Olympian, including his intense training schedule which includes three hours of aerobics, pilates, and weight training, as well as three hours of fencing...per day! A native New Yorker, Morehouse said he began fencing at age 13 with a friend at Riverdale Country School. These days, he trains at the Manhattan Fencing Center and is ranked number one among
U.S fencers.

You can read Morehouse's recap of his visit to Bryant Park on his blog. Stay tuned for more information about the return of Bryant Park Fencing this September.

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