Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Modern Dance Arrives at Bryant Park

This Friday, July 16, Edinburgh Booking Dance Festival will be coming to Bryant Park to give the public a free preview of their upcoming Festival performance in Scotland!

Seven dynamic dance companies will take the Bryant Park stage with performances varying from a hilarious take on ballroom dancing from Ballroom Dancing for Tough Guys, to a mesmerizing performance by Michael Mao as he merges movements from east to west into an energetic modern piece. Teresa Fellion's work will even be accompanied by live music to foster a sense of intimacy as she performs a psychologically driven piece about human encounters with her company, BodyStories.

Following the Bryant Park event, the artists will travel to Scotland to participate in the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Considered a "festival within a festival", the Booking Dance Festival was created to orchestrate a cultural exchange between performing artists and international communities.

Please join us at 6pm on The Lawn for a little culture to kick start your weekend! 

Visit http://bryantpark.org/plan-your-visit/calendar.html for more information, or subscribe to have weekly events listings delivered straight to your inbox.


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  2. This looks like a cool event!! Can we get more information on it next time? We could also put it on our website also...http://www.onestepdanceshop.com

  3. Hi Vaughan,

    All Bryant Park events are listed on the calendar on our website, www.bryantpark.org, as information comes in (generally a few weeks in advance for special events). We'll keep you and your site in mind if we have another dance event soon!

  4. Hi! I wish there would be more events like that in our communities. You guys did an excellent job in increasing the public's awareness on dancing. It is also a great way to foster cultural exchange. We at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Westchester also want to partake in your upcoming dance festivals. Our site is http://www.ballroomdancewestchester.net. Thank you very much!