Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shop Bryant Park: Liberty of London for Target Pop-Up

Shop Bryant Park guest posts are written by Fashion Herald, resident retail blogger for Bryant Park Corporation’s sister company, the 34th Street Partnership.

What’s every girl’s ideal harbinger of spring? A pop-up store awash in color and flowery print dresses, of course. But don’t wait for the tulips to bloom to enjoy this Liberty of London pop-up store for Target, because here’s how the store looked last night right before closing time:

I asked about restocking, and the clerks told me all the merchandise was out on the floor last night. But this morning all the shelves were full again: relief. I saw lots of sundresses, some of the longer dresses, lots of kids, tons of rainboots, and a couple boxes of men’s boxers. No shirtdresses, and, as far as I could tell, no shirts. You can still pick up some of the housewares, including the white piggy bank and some plates.

And perhaps you’d like to make a grand exit from this fun pop-up store on one of these ($199.99 for adult bike, $169.99 for kid’s):

Update: Pop-up has closed up shop early! Sign on the door says “sold out.” Plan on stalking the collection online very early Sunday morning.

Liberty of London for Target Pop-Up, 1095 Sixth Avenue at 42nd St, NW corner of Bryant Park

Open 9am-8pm through March 13th

Launching in three days online

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