Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Receptacle Roundup

The polls are closed and new litter receptacles have been ordered for Bryant Park!

We asked for your feedback on three potential litter receptacle designs and colors for the park and received a total of 2,711 votes in the polls, as well as many thoughtful comments on the blog and our Facebook page.

Do you want to know what the winning receptacle looks like?

Well friends, you’ll have to check back here (and in the park) this spring for the big reveal!

We also took your comments into consideration for new litter receptacles we ordered for the parks managed by our sister company, 34th Street Partnership. New receptacles will debut in the spring at Herald Square Park, Greeley Square Park, and sections of Broadway Boulevard from 33rd to 36th Streets. They will be different from the receptacles in Bryant Park, so if your favorite design/color combo didn’t win, you may be able to see it on 34th Street!

For now, here is a breakdown of your votes on the litter receptacle prototypes:

In the design category, the Linear and Organic styles tied, as each received 36% of the 1,509 votes. The Plain receptacle design came in close at 28%.

In the color category, Reseda Green led the pack with 38% of 1,202 votes. Fern Green received 32% of the votes, followed closely by Grass Green at 30%.

Thank you to everyone who voted and left comments on the blog and Facebook, and thank you to Curbed for picking up the story in December!

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