Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Tis the Season: Fashionable Finds

Every week, a lucky Bryant Park Corporation employee gets to explore The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park to give you a glimpse at what this year’s vendors have to offer. Kati discovered one of a kind clothing items from a few of the emerging fashion designers who have created boutiques in the park this season.

I set out to survey the fashion options at The Shops, and ended up doing more shopping for myself than the people on my holiday list.

Miss Hoe is the proprietor and designer of her self-named shop on the Fountain Terrace. Her colorful, cheery, and chic pieces will make you immediately forget the cold winter weather. I found some very interesting items (knitwear, graphic prints, florals and plaid) in cuts I haven’t seen in other stores. I loved the flexibility of her offerings, as many pieces do double duty as tops, or belted tunics. They are well worth the price at $75 to $165. The individuality of Miss Hoe’s designs are only matched by her out-of-this-world toys. Made to be fastened in any way you might dream up, these cute collectibles come with 3 pieces of hardware for keychaining, necklacing, cell phone charming, safety pinning and ornamenting.

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Sandra Baquero Designs on the Upper Terrace is a great spot to outfit yourself for the winter season.

Her collection of coats, dresses, and accessories comes in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors. Amongst all the designs, I zeroed in on the sleeveless version of Sandra’s convertible wrap dress. This is versatility in overdrive. Belt it as a dress. Wear it as a vest. Wrap the collar as a scarf. Throw the hood up in the rain. Drape it for warmth. The signature piece starts at $65 in jersey and is $190 for more rare and unique prints. Stop by when you’re in the park for a full demo of the ten plus ways to wear this wardrobe staple.

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Another fun sartorial stop at The Holiday Shops is Animated Closet. With an array of patterns and styles inspired by European trends and Japanese Anime, you’ll find a piece for everyone on your list. Dresses and skirts are reasonably priced from $48 to $88, and the highest priced garment in the store, the jacket-dress, is $168. Children’s clothing stays under $44, and jewelry falls in the $15 to $60 range. The shop also carries a vibrant selection of bags, accessories, and even some brightly colored undergarments.

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Miss Hoe: D14 on the venue guide, Northeast of the fountain on the Fountain Terrace

Sandra Baquero Designs: L07 on the venue guide, Upper Terrace near the Holiday Tree

Animated Closet: L15 on the venue guide, Upper Terrace near the William Cullen Bryant Monument

For additional information about these vendors and more, visit, become a fan of The Holiday Shops on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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